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Hiring a solicitor may be one of the most important decisions in your life - Don't leave it to chance

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Well, you could look at the many online directories for reviews and ratings. But how do you know they are true? How do you know the solicitor didn’t write the review themselves . . . or had a colleague or fake review company rate them?
The simple answer is - you don’t.

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Hiring a solicitor may be one of the most important decisions in your life

Don't leave it to chance. SFH is an independent service with no affiliation with any firm of solicitors; you can therefore be assured that you will be in the best possible legal hands.

Finding a good solicitor could save you thousands of pounds

and perhaps a great deal of unnecessary aggravation in the future. You only have to look at the high level of fines imposed on under-performing solicitors by the Legal Ombudsman to see that there are currently many problems within the legal profession.

have the peace of mind of knowing your Solicitor is doing their best working for you

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